Abbott Laboratories needed a kiosk developed for medical trade shows demonstrating a medical advance that improves the clarity of ultrasound images and increases the diagnostic confidence of the doctors who use them. Black Hammer developed a cutting-edge presentation which included a simulated ultrasound examination on a mannequin. This presence attracted substantial interest with medical professionals.

The Ultra Challenge invites physicians to diagnose virtual patients based on authentic case histories presented within an engaging interface. For each case, the physician is asked to make a diagnosis after performing a simulated ultrasound exam. After the initial diagnosis, the physician is prompted to inject a contrast agent, and then asked to diagnose the patient a second time after viewing ultrasound images enhanced by the contrast agent. Both the ultrasound examinations and the injection of the contrast agent are simulated by a custom interface that employs a rigged ultrasound transducer and a mannequin. After each diagnosis, the physician is asked to estimate his or her level of confidence. All user interactions with the kiosk are compiled into a database for later tracking and analysis.

Black Hammer created and directed all of the elements necessary to make the simulation an entertaining and enriching promotional tool, demonstrating Black Hammer's capabilities in interface design, graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, sound effects, music, engineering, programming, and custom interface construction. The kiosk was programmed in both English and Spanish and Black Hammer developed and delivered it in less than three months.