New York Magazine - FreshDirect's Digital Billboard Animation

New York Magazine selected Black Hammer Productions to develop an animated spot to be displayed on FreshDirect's towering electronic billboard. The 165 foot tall digital billboard is visible for over two miles, and can be seen by motorists going to and from Manhattan through the Queens Midtown tunnel, as well as from local streets and highways.

IBM - Netvista

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For the launch of IBM's new line of computers, NetVista, Black Hammer developed a screen saver, flash presentation, and promotional sections for the website. Black Hammer took the branding materials provided by IBM's branding agency, Des Grippes Gobe, and created an elegant, animated look for the interactive marketing materials.

Bayer Corporation - The Alzheimer's Abyss

For Bayer Corporation, Black Hammer Productions, Inc. created the Alzheimer's Abyss video wall to explain the "cholinergic hypothesis" that attributes cognitive loss in Alzheimer's disease to the deterioration of cholinergic pathways in the brain. As part of a pre-launch marketing effort for a new drug, Bayer Corporation displayed the video wall during medical tradeshows to educate physicians about the theoretical foundation for its drug research, which seeks a treatment for the cognitive loss associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Zeitgeist Films - Theatrical logo animation

Zeitgeist Films's new theatrical logo animation sequence was also created by Black Hammer. A dynamic animation sequence and accompanying audio clip are precisely matched to the company's sensibility.