Black Hammer developed, designed, and programmed a new advocacy website, befearless.com, for the Oxygen Network. This site allows women easy access to comprehensive information about a variety of issues, and helps them channel their opinions and views to other women, elected officials, and candidates with similar or opposing views.

One of the most innovative features of the website is the sidebar Black Hammer developed, which befearless.com calls FIRA. An acronym for FACT, IMPACT, REACT, and ACT, FIRA is a navigational device which is also intended as a metaphor for the advocacy process and appears throughout the website. These links connect the visitor to a broad base of national and local news, government contact information, forums, discussion groups, polls, organizations, and much more. Each area has a mission: Fact is intended to inform, Impact is intended to reveal the local impact of issues as well as reveal those who have made an impact, React enables the visitor to be heard, and Act is about taking action to effect positive change.

In order to meet a very short deadline, Black Hammer used XSL and XML templates to build the site. Employing our expertise in information architecture, graphic design, programming and strategic planning, Black Hammer used the wealth of rich content provided by Oxygen to the best advantage. We created several interactive tools for the website, including scribble boards which are accessed through numerous Speak Out links. Here visitors are invited to react by entering comments that relate to pertinent issues. Visitors can also send e-cards to candidates, friends and associates, and can form their own special interest groups on and offline.