Black Hammer Productions teamed up with Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) at Columbia University to build a CD-ROM based on research and development conducted at LDEO. The purpose of the research was to create educational access to a wide range of contemporary information on the earth sciences, and the end product was to make this information available to public school students in the form of a forward-thinking educational tool.

This project was funded by a National Science Foundation Grant. Black Hammer's challenge for this project involved starting with a pedagogical concept developed by the LDEO team, designing an intuitive interface, and programming and developing a finished product ready for distribution.

As part of a national initiative to enhance science curriculum development, Earthview Explorer is developing an interactive, computer-based program for classroom instruction that will make global earth science information available to pre-college students through the Internet and CD-ROM. Instructional content is geared at cross-cutting subjects covering major topics and issues in earth science. Using a state-of-the-art multimedia interface, Earthview Explorer will make important world-wide data sets available to students and their teachers so that they can explore topics in the earth sciences. This interface will give students the ability to browse the data in space and time and to combine data sets.