Bombardier Aerospace

Developed for Flexjet, a division of Bombardier Aerospace, the Flexjet trip requester web aplication provides a complete flight booking service to fractional owners of corporate jets. Programmed with BHP's Java/XMLengine, this web-based application maintains a complete record of each user session, allowing owners the kind of "fat client" functionality not usually possible over the web.

Users select an aircraft, enter departure/arrival times and destination airports to assemble multiple leg trips. They select food and beverages from a complete a la cart menu, book ground transportation, and receive confirmations of their requests within 24 hours.

Flexjet business rules govern the validation of all input, from the number of passengers allowed on a given type of aircraft, to the pick-up and drop-off locations for rental vehicles.

A contact manager allows users to enter contact information, search for airports and add them to their airport database. A unique auto-fill feature then allows users to select contacts and airports from pulldown menus throughout the application to fill the associated fields and speed the trip request process.

Finally, an administration tool allows Flexjet staff to sort, then review, edit, and confirm them. Administrators can also manage owner accounts and airport databases. This website was produced in conjunction with Concurrent New Media.