Spooky Mansion, the second in the I SPY CD ROM series, won the coveted Codie, and was frequently rated the top seller in its category for both 1999 and 2000. Working with the design team at Scholastic, Black Hammer developed a dynamic edutainment title by using a proprietary object-oriented design framework and Macromedia's Director software. Employing advanced programming techniques, Black Hammer created a cross-platform title with high performance animation, intelligent game play, and minimal memory requirements.

I SPY Spooky Mansion offers children ages six to ten a delightful twist on the original I SPY CD ROM, combining traditional, photorealistic I SPY picture riddles with an adventurous story and a long-term goal. As kids explore ten creepy and intriguing rooms, they find picture riddles, multi-leveled games, and spooky surprises that encourage problem solving, rhyming, reading, vocabulary development, and creativity. With every riddle they solve, kids earn a piece of the Secret Message Puzzle, which reveals clues to a thrilling finale.

In addition to I SPY's five-star ratings from reviewers including Parenting and Children's Software Review, Black Hammer received their own five-star rating from Susan Gargiulo, a producer at Scholastic New Media who said, "Black Hammer was committed to developing this product within our budget and schedule constraints without sacrificing game play or interactivity. We love working with them."

I SPY Spooky Mansion received the Software & Information Industry Association 2000 Codie Award for Home Education Program Best Debut.