Black Hammer Productions worked with Scholastic & the NBA/WNBA in the development of "Go Courtside!." This educational product is a two CD-ROM reading set designed for classrooms and after-school programs. Under a tight deadline, Black Hammer was responsible for all phases of development, including design and production of all artwork and screens, as well as programming.

The two "Go Courtside!" CD-ROM's are organized by grade level: one is designed for grades 3 and 4, the other is for grades 5 and 6. Both CD-ROMs have identical functionality, font size and screens, but the content for each CD is presented at the appropriate grade-level readability. Each CD features five different NBA & NBA All-Stars. The purpose of the entire product is to provide highly motivating reading material, skills activities, and writing opportunities for students.

"Go Courtside!" comes alive with NBA/WNBA-themed elements. Sounds include shot-clock buzzers, arena-style music, net swishes, and dribbling. Visuals include scoreboards, logos, backboards, and court lines. Popular NBA/WNBA players serve as subject matter and springboards for the student's reading and skills work and offline writing opportunities.

"Go Courtside!" helps young users expand their reading and writing abilities by researching the players via animated graphics and interviewing them through actual movie clips filmed specifically for this project. The user is invited to write articles about the players, based on the knowledge they accumulate. QuickTime is also used to run a multitude of NBA/WNBA player movies throughout the product.