As the project developer, Black Hammer Productions, Inc. provided interface and art design, graphic and sound production, and programming for NT Manufacturing and The Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise. Each multi-purpose CD-ROM functions as an interactive reference, a marketing tool, and a trade show kiosk.

Manufacturing managers easily navigate each CD-ROM and extract the information they need from the extensive databases via a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The PDA features an animated talking robot that provides entertaining and informative commentary to guide the user through three levels and 11 zones of an idealized, integrated manufacturing enterprise. This also includes functional areas such as "Supply Chain Management and Receiving" and "Discrete Manufacturing and Management." Direct web connections provide users with up-to-date vendor information.

The Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise CD-ROM was a strong success at the Chicago Manufacturer's Week Show in 1996 and has become an integral part of the Thomas Publishing sales kit. Black Hammer developed a customized version of this product, called NT Manufacturing, for the Microsoft/Digital Alliance. 80,000 NT Manufacturing CD-ROMs were distributed worldwide.